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New Baby Gifts

Diaper cakes make such beautiful and useful new baby gifts! Here are a few ideas for using our diaper cakes as new baby gifts that you might not have considered.

  • Order your favorite diaper cake a few weeks before the new baby's arrival. Take it with you to the hospital to brighten the new mother's room instead of fresh flowers.
  • Planning on making a meal for the new mom and dad? Order a diaper cake to take with you when you deliver dinner - an unexpected gift and a guilt-free dessert!
  • Purchase a diaper cake to take with you to a baby shower. The baby shower hostess will appreciate your thoughtful gift for the baby as much as the mom-to-be, because the diaper cake can double as a decoration for the baby shower.
  • Have a diaper cake shipped directly to the home of the new mom and dad to welcome the new family home from the hospital. The most appreciated new baby gifts in those first few days at home are always the ones that can be used for the new baby!
  • Know a new mom who is an avid scrapbooker? She can use the ribbons and bows from her diaper cake to decorate a page in her new baby's scrapbook. This makes a charming memento of your thoughtful gift!

The birth of a new baby is a time of celebration and joy like no other. Family and friends are ecstatic and gifts and best wishes for the new family pour in from all sides. When a new baby arrives you want to send a new baby gift that will express your joyful and heartfelt best wishes, but you also want to send something that will be a blessing to the frazzled new parents as they make the sleepless and emotional adjustment to being mom and dad of a newborn.

A Gift That Says,
"We Share Your Joy!

Traditionally, many shoppers choose to send fresh flowers to congratulate loved ones. But ask a new mom or dad a year after their baby's birth about those bouquets - they will tell you that while they are pretty, they only last for a few days. Ultimately they end up in the trash and are unlikely to be remembered much past that. Why not spend your hard-earned cash on a new baby gift that will be as beautiful as an extravagant bunch of fresh flowers, but will last for weeks or months longer? Our diaper cakes make ideal new baby gifts because they are as beautiful, cheerful, and colorful as a large bunch of fresh flowers but don't wilt or fade, and they don't require water or maintenance by an already sleep-deprived new mom.

Unfailing Practicality for Every New Baby

Far better than their unspoiled beauty weeks after a new baby's birth, is a diaper cake's matchless practicality. Our diaper cakes are desigNew Baby Boy Gift that Mom-to-be Loved!ned to be used - every diaper, plush toy, and baby care product included is carefully selected for its status as a nursery must-have. We use only premium Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers. Pampers are the most expensive disposables on the market, and worth every penny. They are carefully fashioned by us into the shape of a cake so that every single diaper is ready to use the moment mom removes it from the diaper cake, just as it would be if she had removed it directly from a fresh pack of Pampers. This is truly a new baby gift that not only communicates all the joy and hope you wish to express for the new family, but also provides them with an always-welcome supply of pricey disposable diapers and new baby care supplies that will save them money...and probably a late night run to the convenience store for dad.

We've Done the Thinking

In our quest to create the perfect new baby gift, we have chosen to use Pampers that are size 1. This is the next size up from the smallest available, size Newborn. Size 1 fits new babies up to 14 pounds. Average weight for a newborn baby is 7 pounds, but the truth is that newborns vary quite a bit in size at their birth. By using size 1 diapers, a baby who is born on the small side will still grow and be able to use all the diapers in the gift. This is also true for a baby who is born on the larger end of the spectrum - even a whopping 10-pounder will be able to use every diaper in the cake before he grows too large for them. And the greatest advantage to using this slightly larger sized diaper is that mom and dad will get to enjoy your new baby gift for several weeks before they need to take it apart and use the diapers - keeping your smiling face in their thoughts throughout the first few weeks of their new baby's life.

"WOW! I love it!"

Finally, many customers wonder whether our diaper cakes really withstand the shipping process and arrive at the new baby's doorstep looking beautiful. Every diaper cake you see on this page was shipped out by us to congratulate a new or expectant mom on the birth of her baby. As you can see, this is a new baby gift that arrives looking just as fantastic as it did the moment it left our workshop. You can trust that we are professionals who have created a top-notch product that will WOW a new mom and send her running to the phone to tell you that this is the most clever and useful new baby gift she has received.

Start by browsing through our most popular selection of beautiful and practical new baby gifts. Don't forget to email us your picture of the happy new mom or new baby with their diaper cake. We'd love to have you join our photo gallery, as well as our long list of happy customers.