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Customized Diaper Cakes

Although we do not do FULLY custom diaper cake designs (i.e., from scratch) we ARE able to make some slight changes or tweaks to our EXISTING diaper cake designs in order to better accommodate our customers. For example, changes like switching one ribbon for another, substituting one critter for another, or making the diaper cake larger can easily be made. There may be an additional charge depending on what needs to be changed.

We are not able to accommodate all requests but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask. If you don't see exactly what you want on our site, please CONTACT US via phone or email to talk about the possibility of tweaking an existing diaper cake to better suit your needs.

Below are a few examples of custom diaper cakes we have done in the past for customers who requested them.

Yellow and Brown Diaper Cake

This charming 4 tier diaper cake was made for a customer who needed a gift for a new baby whose gender was unknown. The parents-to-be had chosen yellow and brown for their nursery, and the diaper cake was made in that color combination.

It's a Boy! Diaper Cake

This customer requested that the blue and white polka dot ribbon that normally decorates this cake be changed to the "It's A Boy!" ribbon seen here.

Yellow and Orange Diaper Cake

This customer requested a 5 tier version of our Centro diaper cake, which is normally offered in 3 tiers. The yellow and orange theme was perfect for the baby shower.

Colorful 4-Tier Diaper Cake

This customer requested to upsize the Crinkle Critters diaper cake, which is normally offered in 4 tiers, to a 5 tier diaper cake instead. The result was a bright, cheerful, and colorful gift to welcome a new baby boy!

Eco-Friendly Diaper Cake

Our EcoFriendly diaper cakes are normally offered in 3 tiers. This customer wanted a larger gift, and so we added an ecofriendly rattle and made the diaper cake in 4 tiers.

Burt's Bees Diaper Cake

This bright blue diaper cake with Burts Bees products is normally offered in 4 tiers. Pictured is the 5 tier upgrade available by request. This diaper cake was a group gift to be given to a client's new baby boy.

Jungle Safari Diaper Cake

This customer wanted not only a larger diaper cake, but she also wanted the new mom to be able to sample both Burts Bees products and Johnson & Johnson. We obliged with the Jungle Safari themed diaper cake seen here, decorated with both lines of baby care products.

Pink and Black Diaper Cake

This diaper cake was built to be the centerpiece at an office baby shower, where the theme was pink, black, and gray. We changed the normal accent ribbon on this cake from green to gray, and upsized the cake to 5 tiers. Pink Safari diaper cake

Diaper Cake for Twins

This soft and sweet diaper cake was designed for twins - one boy and one girl. Our twins cake is normally offered in 4 tiers, but can easily be upsized to 5 tiers. The result was a beautiful and fun gift for two special new babies.