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Diaper Cakes Facts

Celebrities love our diaper cakes! Below are a few of the recent faces you may recognize who have purchased our diaper cakes or received them as gifts for their babies.

-The average newborn baby uses 6-8 disposable diapers a day! At that rate, mom and dad will get more than a week's worth of diapers (9 days to be exact) out of an average 4 tier

-Most of our diaper cakes are constructed with size 1 Pampers Swaddlers, which fit up to 14 pounds. We don't use Newborn diapers because most babies outgrow them quickly, and many babies are born too big for them. Using size 1 diapers helps insure that no matter whether baby is born on the small side or on the chubby side, he will still be able to wear all the diapers in the diaper cake.

-Visiting the new family in the hospital? Flowers are pretty, but they are not very practical and they are inconvenient for the new mom to transport home - consider taking a diaper cake along instead. For about the same $$ you would spend on flowers, you will be brightening the hospital room with useful diapers and supplies for the new bundle of joy. When it's time to leave the hospital, no worries - our diaper cakes are so securely constructed that many of them can be held upside down without falling apart (try that with a vase full of flowers and water!) But the best part is that a week later when flowers are in the trash, your diaper cake gift is still gorgeous - and still ready to supply a week's worth of diapers, supplies, toys, and gifts when mom finally takes it apart.

-Hosting a baby shower? Be sure to check out our baby shower ideas page. In addition to being an impressive centerpiece, our diaper cakes make a great baby shower game! Instead of the old "memory tray" game, play our "Diaper Cakewalk" game! Walk a diaper cake like this one

through the room. Then put the diaper cake out of sight and have participants write down everything they can remember that was attached to the diaper cake, and also guess how many diapers the diaper cake contains. If you are wondering how to make a diaper cake, don't sweat it! Our Do-It-Yourself diaper cakes have got you covered. You can make a diaper cake that looks professional and customize it to match any baby shower theme at the same time.

-Attending a baby shower? Imagine the response you will get when you give one of our diaper cakes as a unique baby shower gift. Our baby diaper cakes never fail to be the talk of the baby shower. You will get almost as much attention as the expectant mom! The shower hostess will appreciate your gift too, because of the incredible atmosphere a Cakewalk diaper cake creates - hard to duplicate!

-Our diaper cakes are backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee. You can shop with confidence. Your diaper cake will be professionally constructed and shipped. It will arrive looking great. Or you can send it back within 30 days of purchase for a refund of your purchase price. No worries - guaranteed.