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About Us

Our Point of View..

At Secret Admirer, we continually work to improve everything we do. From our meticulously crafted gift packages to the many award winning items we put in them, our focus is to strive to be the best quality gift service in the marketplace.

Creating Customer Loyalty...

A loyal customer comes from customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is to strive to provide our customers with only the best products possible. We focus on all aspects of our service and provide our customers with gift items that portray elegance, class and quality. Our special gift product is developed with quality because we feel the most thoughtful gift you can give someone else is a gift they will feel is something special. Just ask anyone who has received a Secret Admirer gift!

Packaging as an Art...

Our packaging has many artful aspects, with the numerous steps of detailed decorating and the use of expensive fabric ribbons. This is why a Secret Admirer gift looks so different from other gift products in the marketplace. Customers immediately recognize the difference. Much of this affinity might have to do with the particular perspective we have on packaging.

What's Behind the Secret Admirer Concept...

The short answer is customer satisfaction. Secret Admirer takes gift giving far beyond being just another gift basket. Each gift is the result of carefully considered relationships among the products. We create gift collections with a wide selection to give the recipient many fine gifts wrapped into one, with a particular theme or image. As a result, each gift selection has its own story and personality - which our customers have come to expect and appreciate.

A Look to the Future...

The mission of Secret Admirer is to continuously strive to better serve our customers. Our commitment is to delight, intrigue and satisfy, year after year. We accept the challenge of turning new ideas into reality - whether that reality is a new gift selection or a better company.